Interior Design and Decoration

If you need help changing your space, be it an upgrade, furniture renewal, renovation or simply redecoration, our in-house designers can work together with you to provide support with preliminary moodboard concepts and design ideas. We can implement your project from the very beginning to the end, including with furniture and decorative items sourcing and placement.

Product Design

The designers at RedMoonDesign can also help you create your “you.” From customized furniture, lights, and decorations, there are no limits to your creativity and needs. RedMoonDesign will work to create that perfect item you might be missing to be the best version of you. 


Customised Furniture

Furniture certainly adds value to a home or office. However, choosing the right furniture often requires significant market research. Moreover, the items we desire frequently cannot be found on the market. In order to save you time and money, we do our research so that you do not have to. We pride ourselves on sourcing and offering the best furniture available such that we can suit different tastes and needs. Finally, if this furniture does not exist or simply exceeds your budget, we can have it manufactured bespoke, thus fulfilling your wishes.